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What is NOME and how it benefits you

You Get News, Breakings, Traffic, Events, Alerts and Security Notifications on your Phone even OFFLINE !

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    Why NOME?

    NOME App provide you comprehansive and accurate Notification of selective alerts to your mobile number even offline

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    How it is different?

    NOME provide offline text notification to your mobile number when you are not using your data or staying offline

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    How it Works?

    With NOME App you only register with your valid phone number to get Notifications/ alerts offline in your phone number through sms

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    How it benefits?

    NOME will provide you accurate and limited notifications/ alerts in your phone on different selective cases even when you are offline


What is NOME | Notify Me...

OFFLINE Notification Mobile App !
Stay always notified !

With NOME you do not require to stay online for alerts, events Breakings news or Security issues all over the country, you get Notification on your registered Mobile Phone even OFFLINE

What you get with NOME App

  • 24/7 accurate and secure Notifications
  • You dont require to stay online to receive alerts
  • Easy to use and reliable
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Available on
App Store and Play Store

You Can download NOME App for iOS users via App Store and for Android Users through Google Play Store. Easy Registration | With NOME you will experience realiability and easy registration with only phone number and you get connected to NOME database where you get notified always and OFFLINE !

About NOME

NOME is notification Mobile App for IOS and Android Devices which will be linked to user active phone number where user will be able to receive notification about security, breaking, news, alerts, events or traffic situation in country or global and do not require to stay online and pay for data use.

NOME is simple to use and only require registration of your active phone number which will be linked to our secure database and you will be notfied for the type of notification to be received to your mobile phone, we provide worldwide solution and notification during disaster and breakings.

Nome | Notify Me is International

  • We LOVE bringing NOME to international use

    You get notification of selective country or internationally with your registered Phone Number

  • Brining Smiles to your Faces is our aim

    With NOME we make sure you get notified of all your surrondings and breakings which you don't want to miss while you are not using your internet data, awesome App for Offline Use

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Let's Count

Best Notification APP !

Happy to Launch in 2017

  • Dashboard

    With NOME Dashboard you can control and manage your all notifications

  • Responsive Design

    Our responsive idea for design simplify using the App and controlling Notifications

  • Notification History

    You will have your latest Notification history saved locally for 30 days to monitor and track

  • Native Code

    NOME is developed on Native Code which provide highest security and integrated platform

  • WorldWide Notifications

    NOME provide flexibility to track and get notification worldwide or selected country

  • Appreciation

    If you love our work and idea, we will appreciate your Rating in Apple and Google Store

Our App Interfaces

This App is designed as responsive and friendly for end users!

Choose a plan to fit your needs

We provide highest support with lowest cost to get satisfaction!

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Additional Number
  • 1 Additional Number Only
  • Unlimited Notification
  • 24/7 Support

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  • 1 Month
  • Unlimited Notification
  • 24/7 Support



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